Heading South (liberated from possessions)

I’m on the move and less than two weeks till I return to the Philippines on 14 May 2014. I begin the long drive south today stopping off to see friends tonight at the totally awesome Wintermoon Festival (Calen, FNQ).

I’ve spent the morning packing up the remains of my things (I’ve sold most of it) into my office/music domain. Apart from one guitar, my keyboard, music scores and recording equipment, nearly everything has been sold. Wow. It’s so liberating to shed all that “stuff”.

It has just rocked me how much everyone is supporting my return to the Philippines and the town of Estancia to continue aid work in that Typhoon Yolanda wrecked province of Iloilo.

Friends and strangers have helped me in so many ways to return to Estancia.

I’m totally rocked by the overwhelming amount of donations, sponsorship, friendship, love compassion and just overall positive energy from family, friends and complete strangers while during my initial visit (Feb-April 2014).

I’m just rocked by my landlord Melinda and Stefan Thomas who have given me three (3) months free rent so I can continue this work. Words cannot explain the feeling I have for them.

I’m rocked by my friend Debbie Watson and the Tully Uniting Church (I don’t even attend this Church) who have taken all the possessions I didn’t have time to sell and are continuing the sale for me.

And I’m completely rocked by my mother, who I have fought with consistently for 46 years and now, during this aid work, we find common ground.

I’m also looking forward to catching up with the beautiful friends I made in the Philippines who really looked after me while I was there.

If you are interested in these projects work, please keep coming back to this website. I’ll be posting blog, photo and video of my travels, discoveries and aid work regularly. You can also check out the “thanks” page too which I have loads more to add.

Ok all I have left to sell now if the car, so if you need a Nissan X-trail (2012 model) turbo diesel shoot me an email.

If you want to support the cause you can do so in two ways. The first way is you can donate any sum of money (check out the projects pages) through either PAYPAL or bank deposit, choose a project by email or I can just allocated to the current one. The other way you can help is to send educational books (helping children to read english), shoes (closed in shoes in good condition – adult or kids) and clothing (kids and small adult sizes) and stationary supplies (crayons, colouring pencils, textas etc). If you want to post supplies contact me and I’ll give you an overview of the best things to send and an address where they can be delivered. Postage to the Philippines is expensive so please think this through before you commit yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting these amazing people who have so little and remain so cheerful.



  1. Mel, you make me proud to call you my friend! I miss you. I love you! Keep being a star here on earth. Fig.

    1. Love and hugs right back at you friend, just appreciate your love and support so much. Mel xx

  2. You go goddess. We are all very proud of you. Will contact the people who have promised to help and pass this on. Luv ya

      1. Hey gorgeous one. Have just deposited 2 amounts into your bank account. The first is from Roly and me and the 250 is from Ross and Margaret Digman. Their email address mdigman5@bigpond.com.
        K. Xxx

      2. hey g2

        thanks so much, donations received and have meetings with community leaders tomorrow and friday (23rd) to discuss suitable distribution.

        love you and thanks also to roly, ross and margaret.


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