Ask for help? Yikes …

In just over twenty-four (24) hours I will be on a plane returning to Philippines and the province of Estancia which was devastated in November 2013 by Typhoon Yolanda.

I spent nine (9) weeks there earlier this year after volunteering with GVN and CERV Philippines and eventually administering my own personal relief efforts thanks to the generosity of family and friends.

I returned to Australia only five (5) weeks ago changed, saddened, thrilled, obsessed and so compelled to return. And somehow I’ve made it happen: I’m so grateful to everyone I know who has helped me sell my things, listened to my endless stories and helped me get back there. You know who you are.

One of those people was my friend Andy Mack (an amazing guitarist just quietly) and someone who had personally donated funds during my earlier visit in February-April 2014. He encouraged me to go public, tell the world about these new projects and more importantly ask people to help. Ask for help? Me?

What most of you don’t realise is that I spent nearly seven (7) years operating my own online marketing business and built a solid client base. Yes seven (7) years of my life dedicated to helping people get seen, expand their brand and become the business they had originally dreamed of. Yet interestingly, I find it nearly impossible to direct my energies to promote my own dreams.

So big thanks to Andy for convincing me to convert this once marketing website into a complete fundraising and blogsite (yes the one you are looking at now). Finally, after servicing all those clients and blogged diligently on their behalf every week for years, I’m suddenly doing it for myself – though I confess I’m a little lazy on those heading tags.

Andy also convinced me to create a number of video interviews which he orchestrated along with Brett Charles of Leftfield Media Cairns. Andy interviewed me but it was Brett who videoed, produced and published the whole lot free of charge. Wow!

The videos outline some of the powerful experiences I encountered during my first visit to the Philippines earlier in 2014. I’m returning now to administer more help and arguably when the people need it most: 6 months after the Typhoon when the media has new fodder, when businesses are really struggling and immediate trauma of clean-up has been replaced with the daily reality of deeply entrenched poverty.

I hope you can help! You can make a donation right now that will provide educational materials like blackboards for schools, houses for the homeless and even a permanent water supply for a hospital.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people. Thank you to you all for making this possible and supporting my efforts by believing in me.

I’ve stocked up on the essentials: thomastik guitar strings, those grey picks I like and chili chocolate and doubled my checked baggage so I can fit in all the presents I’m taking. Ok time to get packing! Woo hoo!

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