Please don’t get the chairs from this ‘room’!

A message from Ma’am Annelyn Tung written on a blackboard in a makeshift classroom at the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College. “Please don’t get the chairs from this ‘room’!

We need help! We need assistance! We need classrooms …

Ma'am Annelyn Tung, explains the challenges at Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College following SuperTyphoon Yolanda.
Ma’am Annelyn Tung.

The entire college was significantly damaged by SuperTyphoon Yolanda on 8 November 2013, and now nearly 8 months later, staff and students still await government assistance.

The video below shows Ma’am Tung’s “classroom” of sorts. Imagine this temporary structure in the wet season’s monsoonal downpours and then the oppressive heat and humidity of summer at midday. Can you imagine how this must effect the teacher’s ability to instruct and the student’s ability to learn?

According to Mrs Dary Joy E. Alian, College Librarian III, approximately 45% of the college’s library collection was destroyed during the SuperTyphoon. Eight (8) months later the students continue their studies with sub-standard resources.

More footage of the temporary classrooms.

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Another video showing the initial damage seven (7) days after the typhoon. Please note that I am not the owner or artist who recorded the video below, it has been shared from the public youtube channel margaritamaldita.