How many lives?

My uncle Frank and I turned up at the Itty Bitty Gallery in Inverell the other day to see my friend and pseudo cousin Andrea Horwood. We were delighted to find her putting the signature and finale to her newest painting How Many lives?

Andrea, a talented artist and painter married my cousin Denis about 4 years ago and since that time we have enjoyed a growing friendship.

Andrea painted How many lives? as a submission to the Inverell Art Society Competitive Exhibition 2014. As a peace advocate Andrea found the painting took her into many hours of contemplation on the war effort.

“It allowed me to sit closer with the sacrifices made by those men. Not just the loss of life but the sacrifice of their future lives. The memories and horror the survivors must carry the rest of their lives”

In May 2014, Andrea opened the Itty Bitty Gallery in the New England township of Inverell. Besides teaching art classes and launching exhibitions, Andrea invites interest from local artists to have studio space to work in and promote their art.

Andrea is donating 10% of the sales of her personal collection to assist me with my aid work when I return to the Philippines on 29 November 2014. I am so grateful for her generosity and belief in the projects.

Fish and chips with my Uncle Frank and friend Andrea Horwood outside the Itty Bitty Gallery in Inverell.