Mid-week with the Country Women’s Association

My Aunt Rosemary rang me this morning and invited me to the Warialda CWA’s annual “foreign country” celebration 2014. Themed this year for Botswana.

I’ve stayed on in the NSW New England (Inverell) following the passing of my Uncle Lincoln. I haven’t spent much time with my family here so I was pretty excited especially when she mentioned “they are putting food on”. Was that a bit shallow? But after all the Country Women’s Association are pretty famous for their home-cooked fare. And I wasn’t disappointed either.

Country Women's Association

I have marvelous memories when I was a little girl being driven to “shopping” in Coffs Harbour and lunching in the CWA hall on toasted ham sandwiches cut into fancy triangles. So it was a big fat yes.

Seriously though it was really nice as the kids from the Warialda Public School (Years 4-6) came to the luncheon and gave a presentation on Botswana and then mingled with the ladies. It was also pretty cool when a young boy came and interuppted lunch and asked if he could have some of the fruit platter may aunt had brought along instead of gobbling down cakes 🙂

I really did enjoy spending some time with my aunt and meeting her friends: small towns are so welcoming and friendly. And I confess give me a decent apple crumble recipe and a couple of decades and I’ll be there every week dressed up in my best.