Unpublished art


I created this post to honour the life and unpublished art of my Uncle Lincoln A. Ward.

The last six (6) weeks has been an emotional, sad, inspiring, joyful and spiritual experience re-connecting with the family I hadn’t spent time since childhood.

These drawings were found in a pile of rubbish.

When someone dies it is sad to find beautiful art you never saw when they were alive. So I just wanted to share this post and hopefully inspire those of you who have art in piles, under piles and inside cupboards to bring it into the light …

This is my favourite by my Uncle Lincoln A. Ward.

3 responses to “Unpublished art”

  1. Maya Avatar

    There’s so many things Lincoln was – a painter, a sculptor, a poet. An Ornithologist, a geologist, an astronomer. Then there’s a philatelist and numismatist… a fisherman and farmer. Growing up with Lincoln I never really realised just how special and unique he was, it wasn’t until I left home. I even studied Geology for a year at UNI to impress him and I reckon he could have given those academics a real run for their money.

    I wish I had half his smarts and wits. Also that passion that goes with collecting something (I’m not sure my passion of scouring charity shops really counts).

    A very special person who will always be in my life.

    1. mel Avatar

      Yeh Maya, I’ve learned more about him since staying here at the farm this past six weeks. I have been continually astonished at his life, mainly by what he knew and did but never told.

      I am interviewing both Uncle Richard and Uncle Frank to celebrate some of their lives too (while they are still alive too). Let’s face it we have some seriously unique uncles 🙂

      Can’t wait to see you next week.

      Mel xx

    2. sandy Avatar

      oh – Mel – have just read this – what an extraordinary man your Uncle was – and I feel it it so wonderful that you are recording some thing of his life that can be shared – and not forgotten – you are a very special niece!