Could you give up your woolies animal cards?

Checking out of woolies today and receiving a little pack of animal cards I instantly knew I’d be taking them with me to the Philippines when I return on 29 November. There are so many kids over there who don’t own much more than big smiles that would appreciate those little cards.

Just giving little things can make a big difference.

So now I am asking if you will donate your woolworths animal cards to the kids of the Philippines? There is no better lesson that teaching your own kids how wonderful it feels to be be kind and help other people. So if you did donate, maybe you could involve them in the collection so they understand what is happening with “their” cards.

Ok, if you think you and your own kids could part with them I’m going to hand them all out at the Jesus M. Colmenares District Hospital in Malbog, Estancia just before Christmas. Plus if you did donate your little cards you will get to see photos and videos of all the little kids (and big ones) as they receive the cards. I update this website regularly so you can see exactly what I am doing.

Could you give up your woolworth's animal cards?
Could you give up your woolworth’s animal cards?

The best part is they are small and they are free and they will cause soooo much joy.

Ok how to get them to me?

Inverell, NSW
I leave here on 25 November so give them to me in person before then (ideally come out to Celebration of a Life). Email or phone me to find me.

Brisbane, QLD
I fly out to the Philippines on the 29 November so post to Miss Mel Irvine, c/- PO Box 530, Alderley QLD 4051 so I can pick up from the Post Office on the 28th.

Estancia, Philippines
Post direct to the Philippines (international charges apply), it will take a few weeks so don’t post after 5 December. Use the address below.

Miss Mel Irvine
c/- Tanza Elementary School
Barangay Tanza
Estancia, Iloilo 5017

These are the sorts of people and kids who will be receiving your animal cards. Thanks so much for your help, just giving little things can make a big difference.

You can read more about my aid work in Estancia, Philippines by checking out the rest of my website.

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