Return to Estancia (just in time for Typhoon Ruby)

Arriving  back in Estancia, Iloilo just in time for Typhoon Ruby was certainly unexpected. When the bus pulled in from Iloilo the streets of this normally buzzing province were quiet as people were preparing for the pounding winds and deluge of rain.

People were prepared and the government warnings presence and assistance were very visible.

I helped my friends relocate to a safe-house with two other families and we spent two days sharing stories, songs and food while we waited for the weather to clear.

Some footage of a family I have come to know and love as we start packing up the house ready to leave before Typhoon Ruby arrives.

If you watch the video below you will notice at the end a rather large shotgun. My friend Jing was determined to protect us against robbers and looters. Ma’am Jing was raised in the highlands of Mindanao and learned to use a gun at just 10 years old: I tell you I wouldn’t wan’t to be on the other side of that gun.

The footage below shows some of the families who evacuated to the Tanza Elementary School to wait out Typhoon Ruby. Almost 250 people use the school as a shelter.

Local fisherman were pulling up their fishing boats.

A big thanks to all the people below who have donated money, good and services to help the people of the Philippines. I love you all so very much.

Estancia: Philippines (November 2014 – December 2014)

  • Mark and Belinda Novicky
  • Richard Ward
  • Laurel Williams
  • Jean Moxon
  • Bev Snook
  • Noel and Chris Woods
  • Maya Harris
  • Dennis Horwood
  • Charley and Prue Horwood
  • Coolatai Bush Cinema
  • Robert and Elizabeth Irvine
  • Kevin and Jan Welsh
  • Debbie Watson
  • Franklin Ward
  • Jeff Horwood
  • Itty Bitty Gallery (Andrea Horwood)
  • Chris Cann

Estancia: Philippines (May 2014 – July 2014)

  • Kristina Harej and Roly Newton
  • Ross and Margaret Digman
  • Manuel Minagorri
  • Laura Oakley
  • Kevin Phillips and Cheryl Maughan
  • Jason and Jac Gallagher
  • Julie Heskins
  • Andy Mack
  • Debbie Watson
  • Tully Uniting Church
  • Stefan Thomas
  • Melinda Thomas
  • Noel and Rosaria Hughes and Mrs Q
  • Robert and Elizabeth Irvine
  • Brett Charles
  • Jen Frei
  • Linda Rowe
  • Doug Herd
  • Matthew Kennedy

Estancia: Philippines (February 2014 – April 2014)

  • Kevin Phillips and Cheryl Maughan
  • Jason and Jac Gallagher
  • Dennis, Kelly and Georgia Butler
  • Graham and Shirley Lynn
  • Jan Streater and Angus Lytton
  • Susan Kelly and the lovely Eve, Zoe and Poppy
  • Geoff and Denise Nightingale
  • Julie Heskins
  • Andy Mack
  • Noel and Rosaria Hughes and Mrs Q
  • Robert and Elizabeth Irvine
  • David and Patricia Irvine
  • Candice Kelly
  • Daniel Figueredo
  • Matthew Kennedy
  • Andi Kett
  • Catherine Greenwood
  • Richard Ward
  • Lincoln Ward
  • Doug Herd
  • Todd Darragh
  • Angela Burling
  • Val White
  • Dennis and Sue Lane
  • Justine Zulueta
  • Grace Thurkettle
  • Howard and Marilyn Penn
  • Jill and Stephen Hotchkis
  • Helen and Ian Watson
  • Annette and John Gibson
  • Nambucca Heads Presbyterian Church

This video was taken along the shoreline of Barangy Botongon and shows some of the fishing boats pulled by hand out of the water and up into the hills above the shoreline.

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