This little Filipino girl needs a sponsor

This little girl really needs your help.

Roseanne is a bright and gifted 4 year old from an impoverished family.
Roseanne is a bright and gifted 4 year old from an impoverished family.

A couple of nights ago a shared a shelter house with family of ten (10) as we waited out Typhoon Ruby. The family live at the top of the hill in a bamboo hut, and their father Artes had removed the roof and walls to avoid Typhoon damage before evacuating his family to the house of their neighbours. Artes is a hardworking and kind father to his seven (7) children and respectful and loving husband to his wife and mother-in-law who also lives with them.

Artes begins work each morning at 4am labouring in the fishmarket. He returns home at 10am to prepare food for the entire family while his wife washes clothes and cleans houses. He was unable to work during the lead up to Typhoon Ruby as their were no fish in the market (fishing boats all removed from the water to higher ground).

During the typhoon he slept on the floor cradling his 14 year old daughter Rosemarie in his arms. Rosemary was a beautiful and gifted little girl who contracted meningitis many years ago, having no money for medicine she was left handicapped with an intellectual disability. Now requiring constant care, at 14 years old she cannot even feed herself adding further stress to the entire family.

Artes has been asked many times by more affluent families if they can adopt his children, but his response is always he same.

They are my children, not animals to be given away like pets. I provide for them and love them always.

This information was provided to me by my friend and their neighbour and Level 2 teacher Ma’am Jing. I spent time talking about their situation with Roseanne’s mother who is willing to receive your help.

I spent the night of Typhoon Ruby sheltered with this lovely family.

So I am writing this blog in the hope that someone out there might consider sponsoring four year old Roseanne’s education and effectively her entire family. The children are: –

Nelson (boy 2 years old)
Roseanne (girl 4 years old)
Rolando (boy 7 years old)
Rosemarie (severely disabled girl 14 years old)
Rolyn (girl 15 years old)
Roldenn (boy 18 years old)
Rolend (boy 19 years old)

If you did want to sponsor her you would be paying her school fees, uniforms, books, lunches, medicines and also some additional money that would go to her immediate family for food and clothing.

World Vision child sponsorship is approximately AUD$50 per month, for a similar amount (depending on your budget) you could write to this family and develop a friendship with them into the future (for safety of this family I would have to know you personally or meet with you to discuss).

The funds would be administered by me and into the future by school teacher Ma’am Jing Buayan. I can personally vouch for this family as being of the highest integrity as this would be a long term arrangement. I would do this myself by I am already personally sponsoring two (2) other families.

If you can find it in your heart to help please contact me on or use the contact form.

One off donations are also greatly appreciated.

Durinng the Typhoon I played guitar into the night and seven year old Rolando got really excited when I sang “Proud Mary” … rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ on the river 🙂

Donations can be made by Depositing to this dedicated bank account.

Bank: ME Bank
BSB: 944600
Account Number: 000153372
Name: Melinda J Irvine

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