I landed here in Tacloban City at midday today knowing absolutely no one.

Being in Estancia during Typhoon Ruby and knowing my friends are safe I felt compelled to come immediately to Tacloban and Samar to see if I could help.

As I boarded the plane in Cebu I text my friend and journalist, Raymond Villanueva in Manilla if he had any contacts. By the time the plane arrived I received a reply with a phone number and possible contact.

Somehow, later that same night I was with a group of dedicated aid workers and volunteers from the National Council of Churches in the Philippines delivering relief goods in Barangay Serem, Basay in Western Samar.

Imagine you are a strong fisherman or farmer and now you are reduced to lining up for food?

It was after dark when we reached Samar but my understanding is that in many areas the agriculture is totally destroyed due to Ruby and while building supplies and housing materials delivered after Yolanda were also damaged or rendered useless.

The aid workers and volunteers have been working around the clock packing and distributing goods. To be honest my first night all I could really do was watch and document.

Will report more as events unfold and I become more useful (though my guitar is getting plenty of use).