Church of Molo

During my last days of my 2014 visit to the Visayas, I visited the Church of Molo, San Pedro Street, Molo, Iloilo City, 5000 Iloilo, Philippines.


“This church was constructed in 1831 under the general supervision of Don Joseph Manuel Locsin. Construction started under the administration of Reverend Pablo Montano as parish priest and completed under that of Rev. Agapito Buenaflor. It has withstood several earthquakes. During WWII it served as evacuation centre for the civilians shelled by the American forces on Liberation Day March 19, 1945. The two belfries were totally destroyed, and the church was party damaged. After the war, it was reconstructed by the parish priest Rev. Manuel Alba D.P. under the supervision of Gov Timoteo Y. Consing and with the help of the people of God of Molo.”

I spent a few wonderful hours in the Plaza Molo framing the Church of Molo playing guitar when I first arrived back in Iloilo.

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