mission beach is my favourite place

Magical Mission Beach

Mission Beach, the Wet Tropics/Cassowary Coast and Far-north Queensland generally is my favourite place in the world. I’m not really sure why, but it is the place I feel the most creative and continues to draw me back whenever I need to realign.

mission beach is my favourite place in the worldI’m back here in between trips and the last few days have been nothing short of magical: great big tides, glassy water, sunny windless days, cool nights, cassowary dads and stripey chicks. Friends. Friends. and Friends.

I’ve packed up the house and finally sold/given away nearly everything I own. Yay.

This blog and video is a tribute to this place I love so much and maybe when I am away next time and I need a boost I’ll have these videos to remind me of home.

How blessed am I to turn up at the Mission Beach camp grounds intending to camp out of my car and i am lent a tarp, ropes, pegs, poles, a great big tent, table, chairs AND help to put it all up. I love you Doug and Irene Lennon.

Heading to Cairns sometime soon …

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