Friendship will not be deleted

I am here in the Philippines and hiding out in a little hotel that has WIFI, yay. Having just replaced my 3.5 year old Acer laptop with a Mac I’m here copying, transferring and most importantly DELETING away my life. It feels amazing.

The computer and a couple of USB sticks are are going to two young brothers who live in a rural province about 4 hours from here. I found these images and short vid on a USB stick I was about to format for the boys.

This little post is a tribute to my beautiful and talented friend Jan Streater. I love you and hope we will perform together again. Thank you.

Once I have stripped all the technology of it’s data and transferred or deleted, I’ll make my way out to the rural provinces and visit the people there. People? Friends!


8 comments on “Friendship will not be deleted”
  1. jessica says:

    welcome in the PH!

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    1. mel irvine says:

      Salamat po Jessica!


  2. Ompong says:

    Welcome in the Philippines! Mabuhay!

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  3. Candice says:

    The Acer!! That thing has seen some miles! 🙂 what a good life it’s going to have helping those boys. Good job legs!

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    1. mel irvine says:

      hahaha sparkles, who can believe that thing is still going 🙂


  4. bruce says:

    wow, You certainly get around, but the things you do while OS , are by in large, very very important, not only for the locals, but for you own life 🙂

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    1. mel irvine says:

      thanks so much bruce, means a lot.

      mel xx


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