Friendship will not be deleted

I am here in the Philippines and hiding out in a little hotel that has WIFI, yay. Having just replaced my 3.5 year old Acer laptop with a Mac I’m here copying, transferring and most importantly DELETING away my life. It feels amazing.

The computer and a couple of USB sticks are are going to two young brothers who live in a rural province about 4 hours from here. I found these images and short vid on a USB stick I was about to format for the boys.

This little post is a tribute to my beautiful and talented friend Jan Streater. I love you and hope we will perform together again. Thank you.

Once I have stripped all the technology of it’s data and transferred or deleted, I’ll make my way out to the rural provinces and visit the people there. People? Friends!

8 responses to “Friendship will not be deleted”

  1. jessica Avatar

    welcome in the PH!

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      Salamat po Jessica!

  2. Ompong Avatar

    Welcome in the Philippines! Mabuhay!

  3. Candice Avatar

    The Acer!! That thing has seen some miles! 🙂 what a good life it’s going to have helping those boys. Good job legs!

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      hahaha sparkles, who can believe that thing is still going 🙂

  4. bruce Avatar

    wow, You certainly get around, but the things you do while OS , are by in large, very very important, not only for the locals, but for you own life 🙂

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      thanks so much bruce, means a lot.

      mel xx