Apple Cores

Apple cores have been on my mind these past months since having a seven year old boy stay with me for a time. Apple cores, the burden of gadgets and not blogging.

Three hours ago I was about to donate the lot to the nearest NGO and rid myself of the problem so I could just play with the kids, support the ladies in the livelihood projects and cut apples.

When I began this website last year, it was really about raising funds for the people of the Philippines who had been affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Arriving  here for the first time last year I was so overwhelmed by the poverty and the website, was borne of that (as well as something I had read from Mother Teresa). So many people had donated and those funds helped rebuild houses, refinance loans, buy food, medicines, clothes, school supplies and pay for school fees. The stories on the site began as a way of reporting back to the donors how their money had been spent as well as attract new sponsors.

Now that I am no longer actively fundraising the big awkward silence has really been about reflection. My primary purpose is truly to love the people I meet. So is spending so much of my time taking/editing/uploading video and photographs the best way of doing that? I’m not so sure.

The people here (especially the kids) are mesmerised by your gadgets and I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time protecting the shiny iPad and Macbook from harm adding to that updating software, keep them charged all the while trying to get decent signal.

To rid myself of the problem, three hours ago I was ready to delete all my websites/social media and donate all the gadgets to the nearest NGO  so I could just play with the kids, support the ladies in the livelihood projects and cut apples.

When kids consider fruit a luxury item and put down the gadgets (voluntarily) to gobble down apples and oranges and then eat the cores and peels you have discarded as scraps gadgets begin to lose their appeal. As does being online.

Currently 5am, haven’t slept at all, might be able to now when I hit publish. Possibly even post some video later when I wake up. Mum I hope that explains why I haven’t blogged in nearly four months.

PS: donations always welcomed by the many families still in need here.


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  1. pearlz Avatar

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    I’d like to encourage my blog readers to head over and visit and read Mel’s blog of her journey in the Philippines. So happy she is coming back soon to Australia and hope to catch up with her then.

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      Thanks so much June.

  2. pearlz Avatar

    Was lovely to hear from you today. There is a deep message in there about needing to switch off screens and engage, but it sounds like you do have a good balance. Blog when you feel it helps, silence when you need space. Much love, June

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      Thanks so much June. I feel able to begin writing again soon. I hope to share more and more of what I have learned. The problems here in the Philippines are complex but they affect all of us no matter where we are. There is just so much to take in I am still trying to make sense of it.

      Last year I fell into a deep depression but I feel now actually quite optimistic about the future and my ability to see beyond the immediate sadnesses and remain focused on loving the people I meet.

      Your support of my projects as well as the inspiration I gain from you in what you do with your own creativity continues to inspire me to keep writing.

      Mel xx

      1. pearlz Avatar

        Hope to see you soon 😉

  3. Shirl Avatar

    Hi Mel, Hope you are well. Keep up the amazing work that you do. xShirl

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      thanks shirl was feeling a bit sleep deprived and much better now x gonna hang onto the gadgets a bit longer xx