Just saying hello

Hi Melinda It is hard to believe Lincoln has been gone 1 Year. I am glad you are going to finish your studies. Diane is coming down on the about the 1st October Luke & Shannon have invited me to baby shower on the 27 th September. I have booked the train trip they are both excited I am coming Dad won’t go. I am then going on another train & bus trip to Berry Garden Festival on the 7th October return the 13th October I am going with Dot Bachelor. The Orange trip didn’t come about . Franklin flew down to Sydney Eye Hospital last week When he got there he had to make an appointment for 2nd September. He didn’t know what he had to have done . He now has found out he has clots behind his eyes. It is raining here it had been very dry the mango has flowers that’s why it is raining. To stop the dogs barking Dad has been getting us to chase the car with the hose it works until the hose doesn’t reach. I went to Lennox Head for the weekend for a Christians Women’s Conference it was very nice we stayed near Lake Ainsworth The Presbyterian Church own a centre their. Dad is well busy as usual. We are both well I have been busy in the garden doing some pruning. It was good to hear from you . Love Mum & Dad

© 2015 Melinda Irvine

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