After more than twenty years of fighting, cruelty, frustration, weapons, bruising:  after hearing her children scolded, accused and seeing them hurt; my friend Jing had the courage to leave her husband.

This post is in honour of her bravery to finally stand tall, head held high, victim no more.

hanging out

I am not going to spill the details of her personal life all over this blog, but know that she has suffered. Know that her two sons have suffered since tiny boys.

They spent last night in my little boarding house room, and despite the circumstances, it was really nice.

Domestic violence does not select its victims based on nationality and income. Is it any more difficult for a rich woman or a poor woman? A Filipina or an Australian? Police ignore the pleas of women this world over. Relatives sweep messy brothers, uncles and sons awkwardly out of sight and friends stop stopping by.

And you know even I, who has been a victim of domestic violence on many occasions throughout my life, found it difficult to take action. To say enough is enough. To say stop hurting my friend.

Enough is enough for me too.

us four