Finding sponsors for little boys

I have a little boy of seven (7) permanently in my care now. More stories will appear in the blog about him with time. This blog is about finding sponsors for his little friends, there are literally hundreds of thousands of families (maybe millions) that need help here and these photos represent just two. Just putting it out there to the universe if someone would like to make a real difference in the lives of two little boys.

jericko l. bano and grandmother
Jericko L. Bano and his grandmother,

Jericko (Jerick) Bano is seven (7) years old and is being raised by his grandmother Teresita Loredo. He has three younger brothers: Joren, Effren and Janrick. Jerik and his little brothers were abandoned by his single mother when she commenced a new relationship. He is a sweet little boy in grade 2. He has no school uniform or school shoes. If anyone out there would like to sponsor Jerick you would be providing school supplies and basic food for them. With no-one to take care of her, grandmother works in the pier washing clothes.

salvador mahusay and mother
Salvador Mahusay and his mother.

Salvador Mahusay (nicknamed Badoy) is also seven years old in grade 2. From an impoverished family, his  mother works in the pier and also washes clothes for neighbours. Badoy’s clothes are little more than rags which he also wears to school. He would love a school uniform and school shoes. Children of the Philippines are very proud to wear good clothes especially a school uniform and shoes.

The video above shows the two families writing down the names of their sons and grandsons in the hope that someone out there might sponsor them.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in sponsoring one of these children.

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