Finding Jerry

I met Jerry on a hot, dirty roadside. He had cut feet and no shoes. He was crying.

It was a long time before he trusted me enough to climb on my back so he didn’t have to walk on the hot hot road.

Jerry is seven.

Jerry swims like a little fish and climbs to the top of trees.

Jerry’s mother died in 2012 on a bus while on her way home for Christmas. All her money was stolen.

Jerry is happy in the day but has nightmares at night.

Jerry’s father had a stroke and is semi-paralysed. He lives on another island now.

Sometimes Jerry will see a man on a bus or jeepney and sit close. He misses having a father.

Jerry asked me if he could come and live with me.

I’ve never been a parent before. I’m trying to be a good one.

We visit his mother in the cemetery.

Jerry is naughty. He is learning to be kind.

We look at pictures of his sisters.

We have been Christmas shopping in the city, he is excited to buy presents for his friends.

He came to me with nothing, not a thing.

In April his older sister will come to visit.

Jerry wants a bicycle.

I love Jerry.

© 2015 Melinda Irvine