Art Books for Children

Yesterday I was watching Bubble Guppies with my little house mate Jerry; an episode where the little mer-people were visiting the post office. It became immediately obvious to me that Jerry would have no concept of the post office and what it might be like to receive mail.

jerry and the bubble guppies
Jerry is learning English from me (and the bubble guppies) but has never seen a post office.

I decided then and there that when I am in Australia in July I will send him a postcard. But this morning I had an even better idea.

My friend June Perkin’s email had arrived last night introducing the kickstarter campaign for the launch of her new book of creative poetry: Magic Fish Dreaming. What a wonderful thing if June would post her book and some Australian animal soft toy plushies here to the Philippines and have the children of Botongon, Estancia receive them.

And that’s just what June and I arranged this morning, I have pledged toward her campaign and later in the year a beautiful parcel will arrive here for the children to enjoy. I will be videoing the children receiving their mail at the post office and posting to the blog.

© 2016 June Perkins. This image remains the property of June Perkins and may not be reproduced in any form without permission.
Come hunt for poems in the wondrous Far North Queensland of Australia; full of ancient creatures, trees and dreams; this book inspires.

The majority of the children in Purok 4, Barangay Botongon, Estancia are impoverished and I have been interacting with them over the past months. The new year has brought new ideas and this year I am rolling out weekly art and creativity projects with those children and their mothers.

My Uncle Richard has been busy selling off the family stamp collection and sending the proceeds for these projects. I have been slowly gathering a toy library, art and craft supplies and collection of art books (sample pictured above)  for the children  of Botongon.

Magic Fish Dreaming and the Australian plushies will be a valuable addition to the library.

magic fish dreaming a book of poems by june perkins