On the Wings of Love

On the streets of Botongon you will often see an oddly dressed person walking, or  singing in the market place for bread or rice. That’s Ronnie.

Ronnie lives in a tiny “house” caring for his elderly father and is ostracised by his siblings for being ‘different’. He never went to school.

And while it’s really easy to laugh at Ronnie for wearing some really strange outfits and having a gender identity probably different to yours or mine, it’s harder to look deeper and discover that Ronnie is kind and shares what little he has with the street kids of Botongon.

And now when you watch this video of Ronnie singing below, don’t laugh only smile at the gentle soul who came to sing a song of comfort and love to a lady who’s teenage son had committed suicide a few days earlier.

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

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