bad me’
i heard his little voice say
‘bad me’

small head
into the pillow

‘bad me’
i had scolded him
for breaking

a yellow
colouring pencil
he stomped it

into two pieces
for garbage

i found it
in the dirt
covered by grass

nga (why)?
i had asked him
in the tricycle

his head
feeling ignored

i think
while i talked
with street boys

i would find

challenging me
to find
the pencil

‘bad me’
his little voice
downcast eyes

he believes
he is bad
he thinks

he is no good
for a yellow
colouring pencil


© 2016 Melinda Irvine

2 responses to “Bad Me”

  1. Cheryl Avatar

    Oh dear, obviously wants you all to himself Mel!

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      i know he get’s so jealous if i pay attention to other kids 🙂 poor little bugger just saw the picture of the yellow pencil on the computer and i could tell by the look on his face he was still really ashamed. oh dear. BAD BAD MEL 🙂