Finding Myself Again

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allowing high-tide to wash over my body
following dragonflies with sky-turned eyes
eating on the sand together
balancing on a bamboo outrigger
calling two little boys to lunch
searching for fresh tree seeds and leaves
shaking sand from my swimmer pants
watching young island girls dance traditional dances
scolding kids for trampling sand all over the clothes
creating beach art from green seeds and palm fronds.
drinking hot tea from the little thermos i bought for 50 pesos last year
comforting a crying boy after his sister confiscated his ‘pet’ baby octopus
escaping summer’s intensity in the cool shade
pretending to be an ‘aswang‘ for delighted children
tossing rice and tiny pieces of crustacean to the fish
thanking the crew for holding my hand off the boat
laughing as a captured baby octopus ‘inks’ while being returned to the sea
challenging friends to an underwater breath-holding contest
playing ‘catch’ with a broken plastic shoe
hearing about the island’s fiesta from an old lady
swimming underwater until my head hurts
finding myself again

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

5 responses to “Finding Myself Again”

  1. vinneve Avatar

    Nice photos especially the improvised parrot fish and the kids smile.

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      Thanks for visiting my blog, I really enjoyed making that little parrot fish. I hope to visit that island again this weekend, it’s been almost one year. Beautiful day. Mel.

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      thanks it was a lovely yesterday …

      1. mukul chand Avatar

        happy to hear that.