a picture from Fairyland

I Am Ready to Fly

i am ready to fly
and the wind is with me …

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

The lovely painting was inside an old book called ‘Fairyland’ by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. I found in the shearing shed at my grandmother’s farm when it was cleaned up for sale in 2014. The book was badly damaged and only a few paintings were good enough to cut out and paste into my sketchbook. Reprinted here with love. The flowers and weeds were hand picked in the Estancia cemetery after I took Jerry to visit his mother.

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Written by Melinda J. Irvine

Melinda J. Irvine is a professional writer, small business owner, and daily blogger — helping real people like you find their voice and share their burning message with the world (and their employees). In her spare time, Mel is busy building (and writing) a free online learning centre for the marginalised kids of Estancia, Philippines.


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