Tita Mel! I’m a cowboy


Jerry told me on Saturday afternoon he was a cowboy and could he please borrow my cream/daisy coloured lace sunhat as cowboys wear hats.

He disappeared outside and about 10 minutes later I found him lassoing the chair with two skipping ropes he had tied together. This video just cracks me and I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Just imagine a little Filipino boy who only five months ago was living on the streets and didn’t even own a pair of thongs, is now imagining cowboys, and aliens, and dinosaurs. This escapade was inspired after watching the ‘cowboys’ episode of Bubble Guppies.

His world view is expanding everyday as he curiously asks me questions about things that are real and things that aren’t. Tita Mel are giraffes true? Tita Mel is everything on TV true? Tita Mel dragons aren’t true? Tita Mel aliens don’t live on earth?

What a joy to have him in my life and the love he brings.

PS: the hat was removed after his best friend Noy (also in vid) told him he looked like ridiculous.

© 2016 Melinda Irvine