I arrived back ‘home’ to the Philippines on Saturday greeted by Jerry and the kids of Botongon. I was so tired I hardly remember shooting these videos of Jerry opening his presents. He was so excited and very grateful to all my family and friends who sent gifts (see videos below). Most of the toys and books will be added to the growing library for the children.

Also thought I’d share this little poem I found among Jerry’s things (I wrote him some letters before I went back to Australia and left them for him to read while I was away). It was really sweet how he would ask the nanny to text me to call him and sing him to sleep at night.

Missing Jerry

If I were there
I would give you a hug
and smile at your face
and fill you with love

you would dance in your wings
and i would dance too
and you’d laugh and you’d laugh
as if somehow you knew

just how much i love you
little brown boy
God sent you to me
to fill me with Joy

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

So here I am ‘home’ feeling like a new year, all fresh and full of possibilities (and desperately needing a ‘diet’), ready to continue the projects here and write and write and write.

PS: anyone who knows Jerry will know he has a brown sarong sort of thing which he wears like a cape and calls his ‘wings’. If you watch the videos below you will see he has a new set of wings now courtesy of my friend Jane Sullivan.

Big thanks to all the family and friends who donated toys and books and clothes to give to Jerry and the kids here.