Jerry’s Nutrition Day

July is Nutrition Month in the Philippines and Jerry’s school had a special family event to educate kids (and parents) on the long-term health benefits of diet and exercise.

I’m blogging it because it is the first thing I have attended really as Jerry’s ‘parent’ and I shortened my trip in Australia so I could go. This blog is also intended as my own personal photo album that hopefully Jerry will want to look over when he is older.

I really did enjoy the day even assembling at 5.30am for a family walk through the streets in our Nutrition Day t-shirts and the sharing of fruits and native foods in his classroom afterwards with the other nanays (mothers) and his teacher.

I can honestly say I feel compelled to ensure Jerry eats more fruit and vegetables after being there.

 “First 1000 Days ni baby pahalagahan para sa malusog na kinabukasan.”
“First 1000 Days ni baby pahalagahan para sa malusog na kinabukasan.”
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Written by Melinda J. Irvine

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