The Land of Birthdays

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noy's birthday cakethere is something in my heart
that make me want to …
give every kid a birthday
the way we used to do

have all your friends come over
and mum’s friends can come too
we’ll play a lot of games
and eat a lot of food

then we’ll all crowd round together
the great big birthday cake
light up to glowing candles
what is that wish you’ll make?

happy birthday, happy birthday
your friends will sing and shout
happy birthday, happy birthday
this is what life is all about!

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

What is a birthday party without a good game of ‘branding’, musical chairs and then everyone starts squashing the balloons until the inevitable tears?

A big happy birthday to Jerry’s best friend Rolando “Nonoy” Parderño, without Noy I would never have met Jerry. Not as fancy as his sister Roseann’s party in May but still a wonderful afternoon.

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