Little marketing pants

Thrilled to announce the impending release of “Paperbark Wetlands” a multi-media poetry book through iBooks. The book is a collection of my poems that speak of the Australian landscape using images, audio and video as well as traditional text.

I truly am enjoying every part of the process not just the writing. I am loving the editing and  also the formatting. I confess I am really loving having my little marketing pants back on once again purchasing ISBN’s, thinking about content, thinking about platforms, thinking about keywords and metadata. Ooooo I love that word metatdata: my inner marketing-nerd has remerged with gusto even though my little marketing pants are a bit tighter than the last time I wore them.

I also wanted to acknowledge the website/blog and their weekly podcast for self-published authors. Even though I am writing in a completely different genre to the three authors who produce the information, the blog posts and podcasts have been an enormous help in preparing my book. Thank you.

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

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