sangria really kicked in and i mean kicked one glass and i am what rhymes with just found the error that has eluded me for months and months and months and more than one year in my favourite poem not angry now glasses are good yes very good not resting figuratively till the staff are astonished i just ordered my 2nd sangria oh i so want to stay and relax relax relax this is my artist the staff have just repeated the sangria ingredients like i am a marvel comic character about to pour some sort of industrial fluid into my insides that ‘fluid’ just helped me laugh so the additional order will be worth the 189 pesos half-way down the page and morning-pages even though it’s afternoon half-way jerry sounded so happy beautiful that little boy makes me a joy he idolises ma’am ro and she likes the hugs too nice a new movie for loving all resistance gone from me in this nice place and delicious feel me again sharply cynical staff laughing a bit i think oh joy of i know this feeling oh so well sip and sip slow relish the delight of feeling a bit pissed and not at all like mother teresa love the people you meet well how about you meet yourself in some dark place and give yourself an uppercut and stop writing this bland virgin sangria poetry and all punch and no pull nothing but fruit and sugar nothing to hold you down grip you finish you off plenty to chew nothing to swallow nothing to keep just flick and forget nothing nothing nothing only benign little lumps of ….