flung down like water
find your timeless fall and flow
running, never still

your timeless fall and flow
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3 responses to “Like Water”

  1. Jodie Nunn Avatar
    Jodie Nunn

    Lovely reminded me of how we wrote Haiku in Mr Paremee’s class and had them published in the school magazine. Mine was called:
    The Willy Wagtail.
    Darting through the trees
    He’s doing aerobatics
    Singing so sweetly.

    Funny how you remember these things so clearly like they were yesterday . 🙂

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      wow jodie, you should take a pic of a willy wagtail and post it. nice to find the inner poet in you again. i really liked mr paremee, he really cared about the kids.

    2. mel irvine Avatar

      oh by the way, don’t forget to add © 1979 Jodie Nunn (nee Hollie) 🙂