Bad Kid: a kid who has had bad things happen

Jerry’s father died three weeks ago and his behaviour is becoming more and more erratic. Researching how to help him, how to love him, how to support him and grow as a parent.

My Adopted Kid

Jerry started crying on the way to school in the tricycle this morning. I hugged him. I sat outside his classroom for a while and saw him through the window smiling and happy with his classmates. I looked again a few moments later and two little girls had their arm around him comforting him, his head was down. About five minutes later he walked out of the classroom alongside his friends happily waving to me as he passed.

I followed to watch his flag ceremony in the common gym area and was surprised to find Jerry walking back to the classroom while all his classmates and teachers were lined up ready for the morning activity. I smiled and suggested he go back to the others, head down he ambled up toward the lines of kids.

During their morning exercise and dancing he ranged from smiling, exuberant motions to completely motionless…

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