Quiet acts of kindness

stoically-riding-the-busThere is something in the quiet stoicism in which  Filipinos approach discomfort that is compelling. And, during tedious bus rides along noisy roads that jolt your body at every lump or bit that’s missing, when you’re all squished, standing together, it is then that (if you can still your mind to quit raging against the injustice of it) you might find yourself witness to quiet acts of kindness. The bus conductor who doesn’t charge for the small boy, the old lady who offers a square of her tiny seat to that same little boy or the smiles person to person, human to human, as each lean into some sort of bearable position for the next two or three hours. Nobody is shouting, complaining, whinging or moaning and the bus conductor is respectful, even joyful. And, there is a type of camaraderie among those smiles in the bearing of it. If you can still your mind to quit raging against the injustice of it you can become part of something truly wonderful.


© 2016 Melinda Irvine

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  1. Sudhir Chauhan Avatar

    a mirror of daily life…..