We Can Fly Together

Jerry kicks and thrashes in his sleep, poor little thing has terrible nightmares. He always wants to sleep in the bed with me and I usually allow it for a few hours and carry him to his own bed after he’s asleep. Every morning he wakes up disappointed.

“Tita Mel! Me kicking?”

Last night I promised he could sleep there the whole night, he was very excited.

He brought me to tears later when I went to bed and found him already sleeping. Looking like a rigid little statue, he had tied his feet together with his special scarf ‘the wings’ (so he wouldn’t kick me).

His father died four weeks ago and he’s having a hard time coping. My heart is so filled with love for this amazing little boy.  I gently removed his wings and went to sleep.

Hoping this little bit of love brings you joy today.

Mel xx

When Jerry prays to God or wishes for something he always asks for wings so he can fly. The cute thing is lately, he asks for wings for me also so ‘we can fly together Tita Mel’.


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