my beautiful dream

Jerry told me in the tricycle going to school today that he’d had a beautiful dream last night, but couldn’t tell me about it right now.

After reminding me about five or six times in the lunch break, he finally shared his dream. It might help you to know that the night before he had watched the movies A Bug’s Life and Strange Magic and also a few Ilonggo words … ma-lain = bad/evil, patay = dead, buntis = pregnant.

I”m not quite sure if it was a real dream or an invented fairytale but so nice that in the past week he hasn’t screamed out in his sleep or tossed and turned the whole night due to nightmares.

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

PS: just before telling me about his dream he had a wonderful time playing in the rain, he was just coming in to dry off when the dream was narrated (video below).