arrival of the WIFI

Having dedicated WIFI in the house for the past 48 hours has been … well … like a million continuous yays. I can only really describe that incredible feeling when the technician handed me finalising paperwork and that first little WIFI symbol lit up and an app started downloading. That feeling was like a huge set of bricks had been taken off my body and I felt so much lighter.

Being able to work in the house uninterrupted with all my materials by my side. Being able to hold skype meetings or upload videos or blog instantly. Wow.

So in celebration I dashed off to the city yesterday and bought a magic cable. The magic cable allows Jerry to watch Disney movies and his little documentaries from the iPad through to the TV without needing to use my laptop. Magic cable will also help me during kids activities playing songs and singing karaoke, again without having to drag the laptop down into the purok.

the magic cable

As Jerry has no school today (Friday) I organised his nanny to come and get him and take him to her house so I could work undisturbed. While he was watching The Peanuts Movie last night, I told him about my plan for today and here was his response …

“Tita Mellllll”

“Yes Jerry”

“Me just stay up the whole night and watch movies and me no disturbing your work tonight.”


“and then Tita Mel [yawning], tomorrow me just sleep the whole day in the house and then me no disturb your working. Me just wake up in the afternoon, then me no need nanny.”


Well he lasted until about 10:00pm and woke up before 6:00am and is currently (under protest) with his nanny to give me some worktime space. He actually loves his nanny very much, but having suffered so much abuse and neglect in his little life, he can’t abide feeling ‘unwanted’.

How much do I love this little boy? More than one million continuous yays.

falling asleep

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