Jerry opens Faunaverse


A wonderful parcel arrived in the Philippines today. Faunaverse!

And just was is ‘Faunaverse’ you ask? Faunaverse is more than a fun book of poetry about animals. It’s more than a book filled with stunning photographs of Australian biodiversity. It’s more than the 52 pages of educational delight for kids. It’s the love, the life passion and the truth of my dear friends Jane Sullivan and Alexander Dudley.

For new readers here, Jerry is an eight-year-old Filipino boy who has adopted me as him mum. He has learned to speak English really well in just under a year and is now asking me all the time about Australia (especially the animals). So you can see how excited he was to receive this wonderful surprise.

Oh I can’t wait for Jerry’s goodnight story tonight and I’m tossing up between ‘Robber Fly’ and ‘Mabi the Tree Kangaroo’.

A great big thank you to these two amazing people, Alexander Dudley and Jane Sullivan for gifting their book and a little bit of Australian joy to us here today.

PS: do yourself a big favour and grab a copy from their facebook store or the Faunaverse website.

PSS: I know I sound like an alien, poor kid I promise I’ll try to start talking normally very soon.

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