My Proudest Parenting Moment


We were walking in the market yesterday, when a lady for no apparent reason, gave Jerry three pieces of native fruit. He received them shyly and then set to work on the eating.

After we got home he said to me … “Tita Mel, that lady give me fruit.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Tita Mel,” he continued, “one day I am old. Me give fruit like that too.”

I nodded again so proud of him. There is such joy in witnessing him develop self-awareness, the ability to feel, the ability to describe his emotions and an even greater joy in his growing awareness of others, empathy for their feelings and how what he does might affect another person.

Jerry is the ultimate proof, that you truly can heal your life.

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

3 responses to “My Proudest Parenting Moment”

  1. Maya Harris Avatar

    Made my heart hurt. We’re having a major problem with sharing and turn taking at the moment. Which is completely natural and understandable especially with what the girls have been through. For Jerry to do this, after what he’s been through – you should be proud with him but also yourself. You’ve healed him to help him feel that way.

    1. mel irvine Avatar

      Thanks Maya, Uncle Richard showed me photos of the girls which was lovely. 18 months ago Jerry was breaking everything and ripping things to shreds so hang in there. Once they start to believe that you won’t send them away, it will make a difference. Hope to see you in December. Mel xx

  2. mel irvine Avatar

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    Jerry is slowly developing self-awareness, empathy and generosity. I’m so proud of this little boy.