North-west of Goondiwindi

I’m about 97 miles north-west of Goondiwindi
I’ve got a road-train indicating: time to move along
and as I pass him on his right
I dip my headlights into the night
and the voice in my head it’s playin’ a north-bound song

I went down south, to see my mother’s brother
laid into the dirt to a butcherbird’s song
last wattle laid by his graveside
winter sun spoke his last goodbye
they were singing a hymn as I heard a north-bound song

I’m a coupla hundred north-west of Goondiwindi,
got a road-train right behind: moving me along,
the moon’s out shining as my guide
memories of his last days filling my mind
as the voice in my head keeps playing a north-bound song

he always said he’d move up back to Queensland
but the years fled by and he’d left his run too long
and the last day of his life …
was it when the diabetes took his sight?
left sitting in a chair, singing his north-bound song

I’m 600 odd miles north-west of Goondiwindi
I see a truck stop (I’m coffee craving) but I’m moving right along
the sun’s up rising on my right
I’ve been driving since late last night
while the voice in my head keeps playing a north-bound song

this voice spins my head, playing a north-bound song
this voice in my head keeps playing his north-bound song

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

This poem features in my book of multimedia poetry, Paperbark Wetlands.


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