It’s not this time of year without …


Driving along with my mother in tow this morning, I was looking for photographs for this week’s photo challenge when I suddenly realised … It’s Not This Time of Year Without… a sign on the main road advertising prawns.

A big U-turn later, mum’s sitting under a tree, windows down and door open while I’m interrupting traffic flow capturing a frame or two.

Prawns are traditional aussie Christmas fare (that’s a shrimp in case you’re from the US), and if you are from a little coastal town like me, it feels like every little shop has a blackboard sign up saying ”get your order in for xmas”.

Those humble blackboard signs shouting out Christmas orders for prawns and seafood, are just as Christmas to me as Silent Night, fancy decorations, and tinsel.

This has been my favourite photo challenge, managing to combine my love of street art, prawns, and blogging all in the one frame.

  • WordPress Photo Challenge: It’s not this time of year without …
  • Location: Sawtell (NSW) Australia
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3 responses to “It’s not this time of year without …”

  1. anthropologist Avatar

    Gosh, that was good! Made me laugh!

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      haha Thanks, it made me laugh too. It’s really hot today and my old mum was like … oh it’s ok dear, i’ll just wind the windows down, God lover her 🙂