4 comments on “Gone”
  1. MohiniJugran says:

    Wonderful.. Thankyou for sharing…

    1. thank you for visiting and reading my work. Mel.

  2. lwhite49 says:

    I am working on putting all my poems into a book of poems with my late wife’s poems and my wife know poems and we are going to self publish it as I have done my first book that I have published. I have done some Haiku poems in a English class I took online there a lot fun to do. This is very interesting as the others that you have written. I think we all get this busy sometimes in our life that we on go non stop.

    1. Good morning and thank you for reading my poems, it’s nice to have you visit the blog. It’s a wonderful thing to compile your poems into a book, haiku poems can make nice fillers and chapter transitions. I began writing haiku a lot for that reason, but I am now concentrating on haiku almost exclusively: to give them the power to stand on their own. Many blessings for 2017 and many new poems. Mel.

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