I Love You and Miss You So Much

Less than 24 hours left of the campaign now and everything really helps. I’ve appreciated the love and support shown by so many people from across the globe. The best news is this time next week Jerry and I will be together again. Yay. Mel xx

My Adopted Kid

If you have been following any of my blogs or facebook pages you will know that for the past two months I’ve been in Australia, separated from Jerry. I’ve survived it by our daily phone calls and clinging to the countless photos and videos I took of him before I left.

I have loved the peace, the quiet of Australia. I’ve loved the clean waters and hardly-peopled places. I’ve been out everyday taking as many photos as possible: raw material for my books and blogs. And I’ve been dreaming of a time when Jerry can experience all these wonderful things. Fishing off the V-Wall in Nambucca, swimming across Warrell Creek to South Beach at Gumma, Bushwalking in Dorrigo National Park, paddling a kayak in Deep Creek at Valla or just hanging out with his new white family of cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents.

Jerry will be nine years old…

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4 comments on “I Love You and Miss You So Much”
  1. us4p says:

    I follow your blog and face. I follow your story with Jerry. I really hope to be together as soon as possible. Kisses for you and Jerry

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    1. thank you for the love I know you have done so much to share our story and we appreciate it. all our love. mel and jerry xx

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