One Sunset

She warms us, lights us.
Of more is she capable,
our centre, our sun.

© 2017 Melinda J. Irvine
Daily Prompt: Capable
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  1. The sun she is the beauty that touch all the human heart as she rises from the west set from east. Her glow is memorizing to the human eye that seeps deep within our souls and warms our hearts with glow with a passion that melts with her beauty that we are so memorized by her beauty that we look for the new day she will arise from the bliss out of west rising to her glory to rain in her time as darkness can rain in his time. She make Mother Nature ten times that much more beautiful to look at. What a glories wonder our Master has created for us to gaze at during the day to keep use warm when we do not anyone to snuggle close to to keep us warm all day. It like her love can read our mind what we are think and what our souls need to take the edge of weary souls upon this earth. Such beautiful picture in the slide show.😋😉😛

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