The Successful Delivery of Magic Fish Dreaming to the Philippines


Arriving back in Estancia after more than two months in Australia and one of my first visits was to the family of Jerry’s best friend. I had a small bag of gifts from Australia including a Koala plushie and the wonderful Magic Fish Dreaming.

June Perkins, my friend and author of Magic Fish Dreaming arranged almost one year ago to share her wonderful book here with some of the kids and June, if you are reading this, they truly love it. Success!

We drank pepsi and ate little packets of biscuits and the kids looked through their bag of bag of gifts.

“Isda, Isda” (Fish, Fish) sang their squeals of delight.

“Grabi” (Wow) cried out six year old Roseanne and her little brother Nilson (four), turning the pages of wonderful illustrations. What a joy to photograph their candid delight.

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Later Magic Fish Dreaming lay alone on the old bamboo bench as the kids chased one of the pigs who had just got out of their pen. I held the baby as nanay (mother) Neda grabbed a hammer to make sure her livelihood could not escape again.

Next was a fight to the death with sticks and the kids raced up the hill mid-battle to find some flatter ground to contest their strength. Neda and I remaining on the bamboo bench catching up, sharing stories and laughing at the baby.

Wonderful for Jerry to see his best friend again and now also connected to the  Magic Fish Dreaming story.

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  2. Norah Avatar

    Lovely story, Melinda. Thanks.

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      Thanks Norah, the kids loved June’s book so very much. Mel.

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    Thank you so much Mel.

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  5. us4p Avatar

    “Magic Fish Dreaming”… great book for Jerry, a “magic kid”.