A Birthday Begins

Jerry’s birthday starts
with a big yellow sun: then
spaghetti, cake, friends.

© 2017 Melinda Irvine
Daily Prompt: Yellow
I'm part of Post A Day 2016

PS: And even though his favourite colour is red, I loved how he chose his yellow birthday cake (because it had red flowers).  Ahhhh I do recall Bilbo Baggins being extremely fond of flowers: my heart has officially melted. Best day ever.


  1. Happy B-day Jerry! I want a cake like yours for my B-day! It`s great!
    Nine years old! you are just a little man!
    In Argentina, on B-day, we pull your ears as many times as years you are! A great pull of ears for you#

    1. i laughed and laughed about the ear pulling, he is sleeping now but tomorrow i’m gonna pull his ears.

      tonight we had yet another blackout so we ate our dinner together by candlelight and when the power came back he blew out the big candles and sang ‘happy birthday jerry’ to himself three or four times. very cute.

      we love that you are our long distance friend.

      mel and jerry xx

      1. I read about the blackout! But the innocence of the kids find a way to laugh and celebrate! Jerry is a wise kid: his history is the history of life of a thanksful kid. Sing “happy birthday Jerry” many times is say “thanks for this life”.
        Kisses from the end of the world XX

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