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Wandering the streets of Iloilo City last month I was privileged to witness Artivisim:  a curated street art performance and collaboration sponsored by the British  Council.

Artivism is a portmanteau from the words “art” and “activism” and seeks to raise awareness of social issues through art and to utilize social media as a platform for social impact. Ilonggo artists coming from different fields and practices gathered to work on a large collaborative piece in the centre of Iloilo City.

I liked the smell of the paint and the sounds of air pushing through the punctured tarps flapping the afternoon breeze. The passing jeeps, happy crowd noises and live street music became as much a part of the art as the hands holding the brushes.

The Ilonggo artists involved in the project were: Cycy Berlin, Nollzz, PG Zoluaga, Joon Claudio, Jeffrey Guanlao, Ritche Baylon, Stephen Villarante, Christian Lozañes, Jun Ray Canonicato, Ron Espinosa, Ronnie Granja, Heiro Granja, Alex Ordoyo, Ron Tenala, Mila Tutanes, Joshua Gabayeran, Kyle Sarte, Adhara Sebuado, Mia Reyes, Marge Chavez, Noel Epalan, Melvin Guirhem, Edmar Colmo, Kristoffer Brasileño, Larry Vido, Daniel Tinagan, Smrf, Emman Belga, Gil Montinola, Adelle Pacificar, Maya Conserva, Arjun Marapon, Schuntlester Sotero, Jen jen Sargento, Marvin Monfort, Otep Sabido, Sid Tendencia, Chaya Lavilla and Ma. Lilibeth Hualde.

I plan to post photos and video of the finished piece the next time I return to Iloilo City. Learn more about Artivisim Iloilo here.

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  1. […] Artivism was a curated street art collaboration of Ilonggo Artists sponsored by the British Council. The  gallery in this blog is a collection of fragments I photographed from the entire work spanning the  carpark wall (adjacent to Robinson’s Place) in Quezon Street, Iloilo City. Learn more about Artivism here. […]

  2. us4p Avatar

    Wow! Amazing! Great Idea! Great Job!