April Tides

February blew
long low tide on the concrete
constructed April

© 2017 Melinda J. Irvine


    1. Thanks Steve, the black and white photos cover the still lingering 9,000 litres of bunker fuel and oil dumped onto that shoreline in late 2013. Thank you the most for noticing the carefully structured word choice, it means a lot you visiting my blog every Saturday (and I do apologise for not stopping by ‘inconstant light’ for a roast chicken smoothie in ages).

      1. Very welcome, Melinda, all good, and I don’t think there are many leap months. Inconstant’s the usual apart from the on-line smoothie store. All fresh because I dress the chickens in casual outfits and send them in economy. A bit more preparation time at the destination, and admittedly none of my customers have managed to catch them so far.

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