And then, suddenly, her dream changed

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I was in a dark depression when I wrote this découpé poem back in 2014: it felt nice to edit it today and make it a little bit better.

At the time I didn’t feel any sense of hope, and it wasn’t written as a celebration of a new dream, but rather the hope that I could find one. And I did.

In some ways I am experiencing that change in my dream right now. And one important thing I learned during this past 2.5 years: your mind will tell you strange things when you are depressed but don’t listen to it. It will lie.

All my love.

Mel xx


4 comments on “And then, suddenly, her dream changed”
  1. us4p says:

    The most beautiful celebration for your dream is that! You put in right words a human experience of hope. Happy too, to read that your dream is found. Like the song says: Climb every mountain, follow every strem, follow every rainbow till you find your dream.

    1. i love the sound of music 🙂

  2. Happy to hear that you found your dream 🌺

    1. Thanks! It took a while and it was worth the wait 🙂

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