Wretched Heritage

i am
living a

my eyes
pieces of
tin, metal

scraps for hands
feet (torn
nails) just look

at my toes!
but don’t get
too close

you don’t
want to see
all i’ve got

© 2017 Melinda J. Irvine
Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage
I'm part of Post A Day 2017


  1. A haunting poem but so beautiful to read. It reminds me of how vulnerable all of us can be – about how we feel about our looks, and about how we feel about ourselves in general. We’re all from a tradition and family of some sort, we’re all unique. At the end of the day as we grow and learn through many different experiences, we in turn create a kind of tradition and history with our own selves.

    1. Thank you Mabel for stopping by and reading my poem. I’m glad you caught an essence of vulnerability inside the words and I feel privileged it spoke to you in some way. Mel.

      1. No worries. I really enjoyed reading it. The photo also goes so well with it: a cozy house in the distance, so close, yet so far. Wonderful perspective.

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