Expanding the Reach of My Blog

UPDATE 19 June 2019: this is no longer an appropriate SEO method and is not approved by Google. Using it may actually damage your SEO efforts. I have already deleted the reciprocal links off my website. Mel.

After my three year hiatus in the Philippines I’m back working, and actively promoting my website and blog forms part of my online portfolio. Just wanted to share these 80+ website directories where I’ve recently submitted my blog for listing. At the time of publishing these websites were operational  and offering a free listing: some require a reciprocal link, some do not.

There is plenty of debate on the value of such listings but I figure the only cost is my time and I have already seen some inbound traffic show up in my stats. Maybe it will help you too.

List of free website or blog directories

How to submit your blog to free directories

Most of these websites will ask for the following information so it’s a good idea to write it up in advance. I created text shortcodes so I didn’t have to copy and paste every time.

  • Name (official name of the website about 50 characters)
  • Blog URL (home page)
  • Feed URL (usually
  • Keywords (separated by commas)
  • Meta-description  (160-250 characters utilising your keywords)
  • Long Description (500-1000 characters)
  • Category (you will scroll through a list of categories and select the one that best represents your blog)
  • Email every directory will ask for an email, some will require you to register and join their website. Others will ask you to verify a link in your email.
  • Reciprocal Link a lot of these directories will ask you to paste a reciprocal link back on your website. They’ll give you some html code to embed on one of your pages and then ask for the URl to that page.

Expanding the reach of your website

Expanding the reach of any website is not an “overnight” approach, expecting your stats to catapult  (though I think we all secretly hope for that viral post which touches a lot of people). I truly enjoy the steady process of growing my audience and engaging with the people who visit my site.

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Please note that I do NOT participate in affiliate marketing and advertising programs and I am only sharing some of the things I am personally doing to actively market and promote my website. Also I cannot guarantee the quality of these URls as websites are shutdown or hacked everyday.


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