garbage truck in the philippines

Men in Trucks

Having worked for so many years as a manager in charge of Workplace Safety my heart always goes out to the men, women and sadly children who have no choice but to accept hazardous working conditions. Just look (in the video below) how close the heads of these guys passed under those powerlines!

These photos were not all taken on the one day or in the same place, sometimes I’m just overwhelmed by the things I see here and feel compelled to take a snap. Like in the first photo, those guys travelling on the top of a truck on a scorching hot afternoon.

Compared to the Philippines Australia is a paragon of safety and although it might be #morefuninthephilippines there are times when our ‘nana’ state in Australia is more than ok. #safetyfirst #safetyforeveryone

workman travel on the top of a truck in the Philippines
These workers aren’t bandits or terrorists. Their heads are covered with t-shirts and scarves to protect themselves from traffic fumes and the intense heat.
workman load into the back of a truck in the philippines
These guys eagerly posed for a photo, I wish I could have droned a shot of them all squashed in that small truck.

© 2017 Melinda J. Irvine

workers leave a construction site in the Philippines
At least these workers are required to wear PPE, I see so many Filipino men balancing on bamboo scaffolding in thongs or barefeet.


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